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Interested in applying? An application for The Canadian Robert T. Jones, Jr. Scholarships Foundation can be obtained:

from St. Andrews (for UK students):
International Office
International Office, St. Katharines West
St Andrews, Fife,
Scotland, KY16 9AX
Tel: ++44 1334 463323 Fax: ++44 1334 463330

St. Andrews scholarship applicants have a choice of two universities in Canada with three positions available at Queen's University and four at Western University. This is a $6,000 (Canadian) scholarship.

from Queen's University:
Queen's University has provided the attached Word document for submission (164K)

from Western University:

Download an application, complete and submit to Western's International Exchange Office (contact information below).

The application must be submitted with supporting documentation and an application fee. You will be required to fill in the following information:

[from the application:]

The Canadian Robert T. Jones Scholarships are designed to reward all-around excellence in students exchanging between the University of St. Andrews, Scotland and selected Canadian universities. These scholarships are awarded on the basis of outstanding academic performance to candidates who demonstrate a passion for the pursuit of learning and a commitment to the ongoing life of their university and/or wider community.


Value: $6,000 (Cdn) paid in two installments, 2/3 in Fall term, 1/3 in Winter term.

Eligibility: Undergraduates from the main campus or an Affiliate College who are eligible to enter the third year/fourth year of a participating Honours program in the Faculties of Arts, Social Science and Science at the University of St. Andrews, who have obtained a minimum academic average of 80% (A or first-class standing). Students must return to Western for a minimum of one term following their exchange.

Method of Selection: A selection committee at both universities composed of university academic staff will adjudicate the applications and will, in cooperation with the Board of Trustees of the Canadian Robert T. Jones, Jr. Scholarship Foundation, select the award winners. Golf skill is not a criterion. Awards will be made by mid-February each year.

Submit to:
International and Exchange Student Centre
International Learning Coordinator
Room 2120, Western Student Services Building

Academic Performance

Number of courses taken and/or enrolled in to date:
In which program of study?:
Present Year:
Which Faculty?:
Degree to be obtained?:
What are your long-term career plans? How might the scholarship help you realize them?
List any academic awards/scholarships/bursaries and/or prizes you have held, now hold, or are applying for. Please give details, including what criteria you met to win the award, amount, and duration.

NOTE: Please attach an official copy of your academic transcript.

Work Experience

Name of Employer:
Type of Work:

Time Spent Abroad
What countries have you visited or resided in? State when and for how long. Omit any periods of less than two weeks.

Leadership and Extracurricular Achievements

List your extracurricular university activities and outside interests.

Please give details of any positions of responsibility and/or leadership that you have held in the University and/or community. Please comment on how these experiences/activities benefited you and also contributed to your intellectual growth.

The Scholarship

If your application is successful, what course(s) of study would you hope to take at the University of St. Andrews?

How would you expect to benefit from the opportunities the scholarship provides?

How do you think you might contribute to your host university during your time there?

Please provide the names of two professors, including discipline affiliation and University Department (or other address), asked to forward a reference to the local selection committee in support of your application:


If you know of any special condition, which might affect your eligibility for Health Insurance, you must advise the Canadian Robert T. Jones, Jr. Scholarship Program Coordinator. This may be done by a personal letter.


Please ensure that you enclose all supporting documentation:

  • Official University Transcript
  • Essay
  • International Exchange Application
  • 2 academic references
  • $25 Application Fee

Required Supplementary Information

Academic Performance
Year I: Courses taken and/or enrolled in (include your grade, and Year 1 average)
Year II: Courses (Professors; grades to date; % of final grade)

Please provide an essay of no more than two typed, double spaced pages outlining your personal impressions of Robert T. Jones, Jr. and the impact that he had. Please do not simply recount the biographical details of his life. (see Sample)


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