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The University of St. Andrews

St. Andrews is the oldest of the four ancient universities of Scotland. Learned men have been teaching there since 1410, and the institution has been a university since 1414.

The university's medieval buildings, which dominate the old town, and its modern campus, overlooking the golf links known to Bobby Jones, shelter a coeducational student body of more than 3,500. About ten percent of these students are postgraduates in research. St. Andrews' faculties, following ancient tradition, are divided among arts, science, and divinity, with social sciences studied within these three time-honoured divisions. Courses in preclinical medicine are provided and the degree of BSc in Medical Science is awarded as well as the ordinary BSc degree. Preclinical medical students who wish to complete medical training now go to the University of Manchester, with which St. Andrews is formally linked in medicine.

St. Andrews scholarship applicants have a choice of two universities in Canada with three positions available at Queen's University and four at Western University. This is a $6,000 (Canadian) scholarship.



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